Why Public Government Entitites Need to Implment Universal Design

Public Government Entitites Need to Implment Universal DesignThere is no doubt that many of the government sectors that must deal directly with the public will implement as much modern technology as they possibly can. In most cases the priority for doing this is to make whatever processes they are dealing with more efficient and time effective. It is not done on behalf of the public but more so on behalf of the staff assigned specific responsibilities. Universal Design on many different levels has not been given much thought. The technology that is being used is based on efficiency which in turn helps to reduce operating costs.

For the public having to use these government services the technology can lead to confusion and waste of time. Whereas if Universal Design were implemented in conjunction with the technology then it may totally turn this into something that serves both the government entities as well as the public much more efficiently.

For example, a government office allows for the filling out of a form online. It is presented in a standard version where some of the applicants may have no difficulties, but those with impairments such as comprehensive understanding or visual difficulties will really struggle. If the form were designed with a choice of font sizes or an audio for instructions were accessible then it would have a more Universal Design to it. The needs of the public are being met.

At the same time this type of Universal Design would have no ill effects on the government entity, but would in fact enhance their performance. There would be far less mistakes being made on behalf of the public which means the government entity would not have to deal with these. Less queries because of lack of instruction would be present, so less government staff would be required to address these.

This is just one example how closer attention to Universal Design within the government bodies serving the public could benefit with its implementation.

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