Universal Design in Public Facilities

Public FacilitiesWhen talking about universal design as a new approach in creating and designing all public spaces, government plays a great role. The government is responsible for providing all necessary resources so that those projects see the daylight.

Designers and architects should be encouraged by the government to pay special attention to the equipment in public facilities as one of the essential and the main aspects of universal design projects. They should be encouraged to get more involved in those projects to find the best solutions for public facilities.

In every public building, there is some kind of reception, which should be in two levels so that if you are in a wheelchair does not affect you in any way possible. In public facilities, where waiting is inevitable, seating has to be provided near elevators or reception, as well as refreshments like toilets and water. That refers to the transport public buildings as to the airport.

Also, for public, coin or card-operated machines such as ATM’s, the government should take necessary precautions to make corporations and banks provide instructions in Braille. Machines should be easily accessible and clearly marked so that everyone can see them. Most of the ticket dispensers and vending machines are not suitable for everyone due to the height controls. The government should ensure height controls and make sure that you can easily retrieve goods that you wish to purchase. In public toilets, lower sinks should be mandatory as the switches in any public facilities.

There are so many different aspects of universal design that has to be provided and is so much needed for those who cannot have a normal daily routine due to their disabilities. Every government is responsible for providing, if not all, then part of the funding for universal design projects. The government has to increase public awareness and make an example, which will be followed by corporations and banks. Universal design is for the people.

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